Different Sectors That Generate Airport Jobs in Charlotte, NC

images (5)Despite being a financial center, Charlotte, NC has a thriving aviation industry, ranging from the Charlotte Douglas International to the various aviation companies, including airline and air cargo companies, that operate in the city. There are also firms whose business activities are tied to the airport or any other player in the aviation industry. If you are looking for an airport career, then there are various airport jobs in Charlotte.

The Charlotte Douglas International and the companies that serve or operate there will be your primary spot to look for jobs, but what jobs are there? Here are the different sectors that operate or provide service:

Air Cargo and Freight

Cargo and freight companies also help generate airport jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Among the air cargo and freight companies that are based in Charlotte Douglas include DHL Worldwide Express, Federal Express, United Parcel Service and US Airways Cargo. Most often they are hiring for people to support the operations either at the airport or at their warehouse. Some positions available include transport drivers, cargo handlers, sales support and executives, logistics supervisor, etc.

Airline companies

For one, US Airways maintain its busiest hub at Charlotte Douglas International. They would need gate and ticketing agents, IT experts, technical workers, reservation agents, baggage handlers and other professionals to help with daily operations.

Aviation Department

As for the general manpower behind the functions and operations of Charlotte Douglas International, it is the City of Charlotte who will supply as they are the ones who operate the airport. They help provide thousands of airport jobs in Charlotte, NC. They hire technical and general labor workers, police team, skilled craftsmen and various white collar professionals like accountants, legal counsel and IT experts.

US Airways is not the only airline company hiring, though. There are also other airlines that are looking for more customer support staff to service their passengers.

Car Rental Companies

There are car rental companies that ferry passengers to and from the airport. If you know you way through the metro, have good customer service skills and valid driver license, you can apply as driver for their rental conveyance.

Food and Retail Service

You can also find jobs in the concessions that operate inside the airport. These concessions include food establishments and retail stores. This should not be hard for you to find work at any concessions, especially if you are an experienced sales representative or food server.

Fixed Base Operations

Operating in one of busiest airports in the country, fixed base operators have hundreds of airport jobs in Charlotte to fill in. Fixed base operators are involved in serving aircraft like fueling them during stop-overs and making repairs.

There are many airport jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina to choose from. Find the sector which you would like to work for, where you think your skills and work expertise will do best.