Food Jobs in Chicago IL: What Positions To Apply For

IL Food Jobs & EmploymentThere are many available food jobs in Chicago IL. Some of these jobs are available in many establishments including bars and restaurants, manufacturing plans, school cafeterias, hospitals, grocery stores and farms. Our economy lives on eating, cooking and spending on food and its industries help maintain the ‘health’ (economy) of the nation. So if you want to help maintain the healthy supply of food in the country or if you cannot find the job you like, you are welcome to apply in the food industry.

Companies related to food accept jobs applicants at entry level and high positions and even apprentices and trainees. For applicants who are inexperienced, they also provide training programs to help them fill the voids in the industry. Some of the job positions available in Chicago and Illinois’ food industries are:

• Food handlers – If you don’t want to be a cook or butcher, perhaps you would want to be a food handler. A food handler ensures the safety and cleanliness of the food products you purchase from retailers like grocery stores. Food handlers can involve in various stages of food handling including preparation, packaging, storage, transportation and delivery of food products. With many food concepts and trends coming every year, more food jobs in Chicago could be going to the handling departments.

• Food safety supervisor – Food handlers are not the only ones who ensure food safety standards. That responsibility also falls upon safety supervisors who are tasked to recognize food safety hazards, and prevent and alleviate them. And yes, they supervise the handlers and give them orders pertaining to food safety.

• Sales representatives – How do farms and manufacturers market their products to grocery stores, retailers and other vendors? Leave that to the sales representatives who will do all the shoptalk. They market products to the retailers, check out the wares at the retailer’s shelves and resolve recalls and marketing issues. There is a lot of openings for representatives in the IL food jobs & employment market.

• Butchers – As a butcher, you have to ensure different cuts of various meats are prepared and readied for distribution. You will need to slaughter livestock and sell their meat. Butchers are employed in abattoir or slaughterhouse.

• Dieticians and nutritionists – More and more people are becoming more concerned about the state of their health, thus becoming health buffs. You can find a career here as a dietician or nutritionist, advising people to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve optimum health. As a dietician or nutritionist, it is your job to tell people what to eat and what not. There is always an employment for counseling experts who would want to apply for food jobs in Chicago.

• Food scientists – Food scientists are involved in developing new and existing food products. They are the ones responsible for organizing consumer testing of products. It is due to them that food brands taste differently from the others.

• Food technologists – With Chicago have a distinct and unique food culture and culinary variations, there is a need for technologists who will think what to add in a product and test them how the product tastes. They work to improve existing food products and design the equipment needed to improve their quality.

• Hospitality workers – The IL food jobs & employment market always have job vacancies for cooks and specialty chefs, bartenders and servers.

• Retailers – Yes, farms and manufacturers cannot do business with grocery stores and vendors who sell their products to consumers.

Have you already found the position you would like to apply for in the city? What food jobs in Chicago IL should you consider? Have the time to check what establishments are hiring and make sure you can meet their job requirements.