Temp Jobs in Columbus

unemployment-benefits-us-economy.jpg@protect,0,0,1000,1000@crop,658,370,cOhio is on the threshold of being self-sufficient in the production of oil and gas and at the same time a possible exporter of hydrocarbon. With the new drilling and completion technologies, Ohio’s gas and oil industry have enabled the rapid growth of temporary staffing industry. The demands of workforce shall be filled by staffing agencies as the largest source of employment, particularly from the engagement of “land-men” uniquely designed for the oil and gas and mining industries. Temp Jobs in Columbus OH are expected to open more than a thousand positions for the said industry alone.

On the other hand, retail employment is expected to support more than 5, 800 positions along with nearly 4,000 restaurant workers all supported by Columbus OH Temp Jobs. In addition, 1, 520 positions will also be opening in offices of physicians and other 1, 9000 positions in hospitals, labs and outpatient care facilities other 1,000 jobs in nursing homes and other residential care facilities.

Temp Jobs in Columbus OH are available in just every career field and location. The traditional temporary employment agency assists job seekers in finding work. Some are paid by the employers, so be sure to clarify, because other agencies charge the job seekers themselves. While the rest, employ temps and assign them in different hiring companies and deducts a percentage from the job seekers’ salaries. To wit, the temporary employment agency owns the workforce and provides for their benefits in addition to the paycheck that a specific company pays.

You may use websites to find vacant positions for Columbus OH Temp Jobs in different temporary employment agencies and other manpower entities. Among the advertised openings, choose what matches on your list and outline them according to what best suits you, what is accessible from your place, and what is convenient for training and experience. More importantly, majority of employers use temporary employees. Regular employees are hired internally and mostly only comprise 10% of the workforce. Hence, even though it may seem like a step down from permanent employment, it can be your first step towards a shot toward your goal.

Nonetheless, if you are seeking for the security of a full-time position or a contract assignment where you can rotate from assignment to assignment, employment agencies can help match your skills and career goals with Temp Jobs in Columbus in any leading companies. For many people, temp agency is a surefire way to land a job.


Amidst The bankruptcy, How To Find Jobs in Detroit

job-temp-entertainmentThe city of Detroit is perhaps not a good place to look for jobs right now. With a high unemployment rate, you could be thinking if there are hardly any jobs in America’s automobile manufacturing capital. More and more people are moving out, the Big Three automakers are outsourcing a few jobs and thousands of properties are becoming decrepit by the day. Should you give up looking for jobs in the Motor City?

Job-seekers should not give up on Detroit. The manufacturing and real estate sectors could be spiraling downwards, but the other industries are generally okay. Look beyond automobile manufacturing and you will find more work opportunities, including temp jobs in Detroit’s other industries like IT, healthcare and biomedical, logistics and transportation, finance, trade, retail and research.

If you are looking for employment in this struggling city, what should you do? How can you find employment in Detroit?

Consider Working Detroit MI Temp Jobs

If you want to gain permanent employment, you will first have to work on a couple of temp jobs in Detroit, MI. Many employees nowadays do not get permanent jobs right away. They have to be temps for a couple of months or even years. The city has yet to rebound from the bankruptcy and companies are cutting costs, so finding work as temp could be a wise career move at the moment.

But what’s great about working Detroit MI temp jobs? Well, you can sample jobs and employers, learn different work cultures and keep your existing skills updated and learn new ones too. Working as temp allows you exposure to different companies and industries, something which you cannot do with permanent employment.

Sign Up With Temping Agencies

If you have decided working as temp, you will need to sign up with the best and reputable temping agencies in the city. Browse the classified ads, online job directories and telephone directories for lists of temping agencies operating in the metro, jot down their websites, addresses and contact details, do a bit of search, read reviews and sign up with two or three best ones you can find. The right temping agencies can help find you the best temp jobs in Detroit.

Work Out On The Necessary Skills and Requirements

Jumping from one industry to another is never easy unless you already have the skills and meet the requirements a particular company or industry is looking for. It is not enough to just possess a high school diploma or college degree, but training and certifications also count. Before you apply for temp jobs in Detroit, MI, make sure to work on your skills, taking up training classes or obtaining the needed certification.

Get Referrals

Many employers like General Motors and Ford rely on referrals to recruit new talents, and even temp agencies are doing the same. Perhaps you know former co-worker who now works in another company. Why not call them about jobs? They might give you a referral.

Browse The Web For Job Alerts

Check out employers’ websites or social media accounts and online job listings for new postings. Sign up to their email or newsletter subscription service to know about new job opening so you can have enough time to apply.

Don’t just wait for jobs to fall in your lap. Get out there, search, apply and convince employers why they should hire you. Good luck searching for jobs in Detroit!