The Hands that Feed: Discover Houston TX Food Jobs & Employment

food jobs in Houston TXWhat industry employs around 20 million Americans? It’s the same industry that provides our families food to eat in our tables. Answer: the Food industry. This industry includes agricultural and farm workers, food processing and slaughterhouse employees, as well as those working in food distribution, retail, restaurants, and other food service businesses. Currently, 90 percent of employees in the industry work in food preparation and serving-related food service jobs. In fact, Houston food service jobs are considered a growing industry in TX!

Forbes recently ran the employment numbers and unsurprisingly, Texas is the home to some of the best cities for jobs in 2013, one of which is Houston, TX. Houston was identified as the number 1 US city for job creation in 2013 being the first major city to regain all the jobs lost in the preceding economic downturn, more than two jobs were added for every one lost. In Houston the top 10 categories of start ups are: accommodation and food jobs, arts and entertainment, professional and scientific services, construction, healthcare, educational services, IT, finance and insurance, manufacturing and mining. Houston offers extensive opportunities in food service jobs for today’s job seeker.

Open food service positions often include jobs in management and sales as well as roles for food service workers. Entry-level food jobs in Houston are plentiful. Most entry-level jobs in food service require minimal training, making them ideal for professionals just beginning their careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the five workers in the food service industry is 19 years old and younger. On the other hand, food service management and director positions may require formal training such as the culinary management degree, years of experience or a combination of both qualifications.

If you are searching for food service jobs in Houston specifically in the restaurant industry, you will find a growing number of opportunities. Why? The restaurant industry is the nation’s second largest private sector employer and is predicted to represent ten percent of the total U.S. workforce by the end of 2012. This equates to approximately 12.9 million restaurant and food service related jobs. The National Restaurant Association expects total restaurant industry sales to top $632 billion in 2012. The higher the sales, the more restaurant and food service workers, managers and directors are needed.

Jobs in the food service industry of Houston need not consider restaurant food service alone. Food service jobs are found at education institutions, at medical facilities and other verticals within the hospitality space. School food job positions are plentiful as well. Other Houston TX Food Jobs & Employment can be found in nursing homes, hotels and major entertainment venues.

Job growth throughout the food service industry is expected to remain brisk in the future of Houston. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in Houston TX predicts a conservative growth rate of jobs of eight percent per year across the food industry through 2018. Hence, this is very good news for professionals seeking food jobs in Houston, regardless of specific industry. Whether you are looking for part time summer employment, a second job or a full time career, check all possible job board, websites and other resources daily for the latest food service job opportunities.