Staffing Jobs In El Paso To Increase During The Decade

Employment-Agency1El Paso has become the fourth largest city in Texas and sixth in the state for employers that post the most openings on Internet job search engines. It’s enjoying the upturn in staffing jobs in Texas prior to the 2009 Simulus Funds received from the American Recovery and Reinstatment Act. Afterward, workforce partnerships and expansions of many companies set about developing additional new jobs. This is forecasted to boost the local economy for decades.

Major employers in El Paso are listing increasing numbers of positions in the industries of nursing, management, accounting, and customer service. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, El Paso gained 1, 000 jobs in February 2009 even though unemployment rate was 8.2 percent, and gained 1, 100 jobs in March 2009. But over the course of this decade, there will be an estimated 55 million job openings, for both new and existing staffing jobs in Texas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that health care and social assistance will gain over five-and-a-half million El Paso, Texas staffing jobs between now and 2020. This includes positions such as nurses, physician assistants, radiology technicians, and home health care aides.

The next industry that is expected to grow according to the BLS is the career field of professional and business services such as consultants in legal services, accounting and advertising, with some 3.8 million openings being generated this decade. Though this sounds good, many companies still cut headcount and permanent employees to rely on temporary staffing jobs in Texas.

Technology and outsourcing has killed lots of jobs. But plumbing and furnace problems cannot be outsourced, so El Paso, Texas staffing jobs in the trades will have potential increase for those with technical skills and no college degree. In fact, the shortage of qualified plumbers and electricians and other tradespeople is growing in a lot of areas.

El Paso, Texas is projected to be fifth in the top ten U.S. metro areas that are expected to grow in the course of the decade. This shows that the industries are growing because the local economy is also flourishing. El Paso, Texas staffing jobs are opening for both highly-skilled workers to entry level individuals. Although the city will unlikely outshine Washington, D.C., being fifth is still a good report as the city continues to recover from the recession.