Food Jobs in Seattle, WA: Available Jobs to Feed the City’s Food Obsession

food jobs in Seattle Seattle, Washington is so obsessed about its food, being one of the prime culinary centers in the Pacific Northwest. The city is not as big and sophisticated as New York, but its food scene is truly reflective of the city, state and region’s ethnic makeup, no wonder you will see various kinds of cuisine ranging from Japanese to Native American. And yes, food jobs in Seattle are for the taking.

With hundreds of dining establishments in Seattle and the metropolitan area, it won’t be hard for you to land a food job especially at entry level positions to help pay college tuition for the meantime. With the people’s love for fine and fun dining and the tourists’ enthusiasm to sample the tastes of Seattle, establishments will need additional people to staff the kitchens and counters.

What are some available food jobs in Seattle, WA? Here are some of them:

  • Lead or head cook – Do you have supervision skills? Can you lead a team? Then the lead cook position is for you. As lead/head cook, you will prepare, along with the other cooks and kitchen staff, the entrees approved by the chef/s. As the cook with the most experience, much is expected from you. Do you have excellent cooking skills for the job?
  • Grill cook – Grill cooks are in demand in grill and seafood restaurants. A grill cook specializes in cooking grilled foods not limited to meats and sea foods but also vegetables and other foods. This job requires knowledge in grilling different cuts of food items, especially meat, poultry and fish. You will need expert culinary training to apply for this job.
  • Pantry line cook – Every establishment that serves appetizers before the main course would need pantry line cooks to handle the preparation of appetizers, desserts and entrees. They cook or prepare sauces, salads or salad dressings, sandwiches and spreads and other delights that take a short time to prepare. As with any other cooks, you need professional cooking skills and knife-handling skills. With the number of food establishments in the city and state, there are lots of WA food jobs & employment for pantry like cooks.
  • Prep cook – If you have just graduated from culinary school, then why not apply as a prep cook? This entry level position is open to all aspiring chefs. Prep cooks will take a lot of training as they are just beginner cooks and moreover, they will need to take a lot of constructive criticisms and handle a lot of pressures. But no sweat, you will not get to handle a lot of responsibility.
  • Dishwashers – Many food jobs in Seattle will not post openings for dishwashers and many applicants would hate doing the dishes, but should this be a job to be ashamed of? Many establishments cannot run without clean dinning wares. Well, if you are looking for a bit of sideline to help pay for college, then cleaning dishes it is for you.
  • Food servers – All food establishments will always have a need for servers who can develop rapport with guests.

The WA food jobs & employment sector will always be in need of professionals to help sustain the locals and tourists’ food obsession.